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Guest Policies & Dress Code

At Griff's, we embrace an atmosphere of sexy, smart, and stylish elegance. We kindly ask our guests to adhere to our dress code to maintain the refined ambiance of our establishment.
Ladies, please refrain from wearing flip flops, athletic apparel, torn or frayed clothing, or outfits with exposed undergarments. Tasteful, appropriate attire is a must.
Gentlemen, we request that you avoid ball caps, cargo shorts, ripped clothing, open-toed shoes, and athletic gear. We look forward to welcoming you in your most fashionable attire, ensuring every visit to Griff's is a sophisticated and memorable experience.
  1. Arrive with a smile. 
  2. Bring a real friend
  3. Do not arrive unstable
  4. Dress appropriately
  5. Be respectful of people’s space & time
  6. Be authentic 
  7. No name dropping
  8. No attitude or entitlement 
  9. No loud or disrespectful behavior 
Management reserves the right to refuse entry to members and guest, regardless of membership level.
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